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About Us

We passionately believe in empowering people to make successful transitions. We aim to ensure all learners have the skills, knowledge, attitudes and aspirations to develop a good understanding of themselves, the full range of opportunities available to them, and the capacity to achieve their ambitions and manage the challenges of employment in the 21st Century.  Complete-Careers LLP is how we make that happen.   The partners - Janet, John, Mark and Ron have over half a century of experience in career development between them and have been working together since 2000.

They have developed:

  • innovative careers programmes for UK schools and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi
  • challenging and innovative resources such as Break the Mould and the Bonkers Book of Jobs
  • accredited training programmes for careers advisers and teachers and other staff
  • a career community network with an annual conference, quarterly meetings and regular news updates.
  • quality awards for careers education, work experience and alternative provision.

In 2015 Janet, John, Mark and Ron formed Complete-Careers LLP to give them the opportunity to take their ideas further. This has seen them:

  • transform Career Mark, into a Licensed Awarding Body for the national Quality in Careers Standard
  • become a preferred supplier of training for the Career Development Institute
  • further develop local, regional and national networks with a range of partners to support best practice careers delivery.
  • pioneering careers education based around digital literacy and social media
  • pilot Career Mark for Primary school
  • become the largest supplier of guidance services in Lincolnshire
  • working internationally with schools in Europe and Asia

Complete-Careers is committed to collaborative working. We strongly believe that learning, networking and communication are the way to grow and develop - both as individuals and as a company.

If you share our values and have an idea or need a solution, then we would like to hear from you, so we can work together to achieve our vision of empowering people to make successful transitions. Call us on 01522 543539/583959 or email enquiries@complete-careers.com

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