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Resources to Support Good Practice for Career Professionals

This page has been created to support career professionals it has a focus on  Greater Lincolnshire but has wider applications.  The aim of the page is to share resources and information to help careers professional remain up to date about local and national developments.  If you have anything you wish to share please contact John Ambrose via email at john.ambrose@complete-careers.com

Resources to Career Professionals

Uploaded by John Ambrose March 2017 - Lincolnshire's talent academy is something that is of utmost value for Lincolnshire's learners, but the information can be hard to find.  Please see here for the framework of work experience opportunities, or here for the work experience application forms.

United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust Talent Academy

The United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust Talent Academy is a programme to help Lincolnshire’s hospitals grow their own talent, raising awareness and aspirations among the Lincolnshire school community. This also involves projects encouraging work experience in job roles on hospital sites and a new apprenticeship schemes.

The new role of Trainee Nursing Associates is gaining momentum and prospective students will be able to apply online via the updated NHS website. I have been told that it will be available by September. This will have different tools, including a new online application form for work experience.

The Nursing Associate programme is full time over two years. It is a practice-based programme with academic input from the University of Lincoln. The new role is planned to sit alongside existing nursing care support workers and fully qualified registered nurses to deliver hands-on care for patients. For detailed information about the new role:

https://www.hee.nhs.uk/sites/default/files/documents/Guidelines%20for%20Applicants.pdf and https://www.hee.nhs.uk/our-work/developing-our-workforce/nursing/nursing-associate-new-support-role-nursing

ULHT has been given ministerial approval to lead on the development of the first ever degree apprenticeship for the roles of physiotherapist and occupational therapist (OT):


Article - Driverless farming robots could work the fields of the future

​Demonstrated in the new Fields of the Future zone at the 2017 Cereals show in Lincolnshire was the Anatis machine, made by French company Carré, which is described as a “connected agricultural co-bot”.

Guided by GPS, it trundles between the rows of brassica plants, mechanically removing weeds, while a series of cameras gathers data on the crop plants, counting and measuring them so the operator can plan their management and see any areas of stilted growth which require further attention.

A leading thinktank has urged the government to spend billions of pounds helping poorly skilled workers in the less prosperous parts of the UK cope with the threat of the looming robot revolution.


Robotics is a growing industry with new discoveries being made all the time, so robotics engineers can expect to have lots of employment opportunities in a variety of industries, from academic research to healthcare. The pay is higher than the UK average too.

BBC Careers, trainee schemes and apprenticeships


If you want to work in broadcasting or the media, then kick-starting your career with training at the BBC is a great way to get in.

 As well as apprenticeships (aimed at school leavers) and traineeships (aimed at graduates) we can also offer two weeks of work experience - which is right for you?

We’re looking for people who are passionate about a career in one of the most interesting, demanding and creative industries out there. We’re not focused on your qualifications - what we want to know is whether you have the drive, commitment and ideas necessary to make it in the media.

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