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During 2018 Careers Week I have spent my time on a 14 night Cruise and this has given me the opportunity to consider the careers available on a cruise ship. There are almost too many to mention but think of it this way. I am on the Star Princess on a Hawaiin Crusie with 2571 passengers. So there are all the careers you associate with a very large hotel including a range of restaurants and bars. There is also a fully equipped and staffed Spa, and Gym. A cinema, and live theatre with entertainers performing in the theatre and bars.

There is a mini shopping mall and professional photographers as well as a Casino with gaming tables. You can book online excursions and your next Cruise on board which many people do.

There is also a fully staffed medical centre with a Doctor, equipment and medicines.

On top of this, there is the maintenance and cleaning of the boat and the laundry required for all the restaurants etc. and the staffing of the boat for 24/7.

The ship has a crew of 1089 staff from 57 Countries including the Uk. I spoke to a Trainee 3rd officer who is responsible for, amongst other things, passenger safety and admin. He took the route of A levels before beginning a more vocational qualification in Southampton with SSTG.org and is training on board at present before he takes up his duties on this or another ship fulltime.

So if you want a career where you constantly meet new people and see different places around the world consider one of the many careers that could get you cruising!